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If you want TAL, Nimitz or Tiger from DVG, a new kickstarter is up.

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--- Quote from: Silent Disapproval Robot on November 17, 2019, 06:32:29 PM ---I just picked up a used copy of Nimitz for $30 CDN last week.  Wish I'd known about this KS because it's $50 to get the upgrades or $80 for a complete copy of v2

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Boy, you got a great deal on that!

I just got the Nimitz upgrade for the unwrapped Nimitz I have.

Silent Disapproval Robot:
I tried playing it a few days ago.  I dunno....something about the game just seems off.  It's weird that infantry doesn't get attacked on islands if certain conditions aren't met.  And there's no mechanism for battleships conducting shore bombardments.  Also, land based aircraft seem useless because they can't take part unless there's already a presence & airfield on an island.  Airfields, unlike infantry, seem to get taken out way too easily.  Naval aircraft just magically replenish so why would you waste your supply points on land based planes? 


--- Quote from: demjansk1942 on November 18, 2019, 05:31:04 PM ---Does anyone know about the changes to the Tiger Leader?  I have GMT tank duel, are they close?

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No, they aren't even remotely close.  Both fun games, though!

I just got notice they were charging my account.  They should be shipping very soon.

The emailed and said the games would be shipping this week in the USA. 


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