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Axis Empires: Dai Senso


Anyone played this one?

I have Totler Krieg - but have not set it up.  They have it set up that you can take the rules piecemeal - because this is a very heavy game.  I might get to the Poland baby step game in 10 days or so.

How does Dai Senso play compared to Totler Kreig?

I know this will make many of you hate me, but my wife is willing to buy Dai Senso for my birthday and I'm strongly looking at this one.

I ordered it.  I'm going to try to learn the system in the Pacific instead of Europe.

I have Totaler Krieg, and have strongly considered getting Dai Senso.

Mostly because there is an extensive vassal module for the combined package.  And monsterish games are wonderful on vassal.!_(2nd_Edition)_/_Dai_Senso

Sadly, like most games in my collection I have not played the system. So curious to hear what you think.

If the rules are a reasonable lift, maybe we can convince some fellow grogs to play a vassal multiplayer game.

I have a shrinkwrap copy of Dai Senso that I picked up from a FLGS that was closing its doors after many years in the biz and so was liquidating.  TK always interested me, especially if you wanted to get away from the "scripted" and typical WWII ETO playthrough 39-45.  It's common to hear that games that try and marry their ETO system to the PTO seem to fail because of the large scale differences but I've heard that they actually made it work nicely in DS. Still, I doubt that I'd ever get this one to the table so would be willing to sell it if someone was interested.

I wish you had posted this a week ago.


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