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Wargame Buying Spree

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Given the cost of tabletop games, I've been on a buying spree.

I have ordered or am scheduled for delivery this month:
1] Fury in the West (Avalon Hill Battle of Shiloh)
2] Viva Espana (1970s game on the Spanish Civil War)
3] Axis Empires: Dai Senso
4] Labyrinth: The War on Terror

Gloomhaven should also be delivered in July.

I (hope to) stop buying and play some of the many wargames I've already got.  A month out of town with no place to set up a wargame and no PC got me shopping - always a bad idea.

Fury in the West & Dai Senso have arrived!

Hey bruddah, Paths won't be in the mail until Monday.   Sounds like you have enough to keep you occupied over the holiday weekend LOL.   O0

Invisible Struggle, Fury in the West & Axis Empires: Dai Senso are here.

If only I lived in east TN...  :buck2:

(A lament which I lament once a week or so for any of several reasons. ;) )


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