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Free Avalon Hill Wargames Looking for a Good Home

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My allergies have struck again.  My tabletop wargames that I had planned to play in retirement have  normal aged paper smell - that I'm allergic to.

I will gift any/all of these to someone who wants to play them.  All are Avalon Hill wargames in playable condition.  All are punched, all have been played, and they were published between 1964 and 1980.  It really hurts me to lose them, but they make me physically ill.  I'm copying the rules of my favorites and will play them on vassal.

I would like to have postage sent to me via paypal and I'll send them in USPS flat rate boxes (I think they all fit).  This is first come/you get it. 

Anything unclaimed by the end of August, 2020 will be sadly, sadly donated to a Christian Charity where they will probably lose units and never find the love they deserve.

Wooden Ships/Iron Men
Battle of the Bulge
Victory in the Pacific
War and Peace
Afrika Korps

Civil War (Victory Games) - claimed by my buddy Toonces who gave me Paths of Glory.

Please PM me what you want, and your mailing address.  I'll get back with shipping cost.

Please play them, or at least read the rules.  I love all of these games and moved them wherever I roamed for 40+ years.

Tripoli has claimed Kingmaker.

Solops claimed Afrika Korps, 1776 and Battle of the Bulge.

Desatrix claimed Midway and Wooden Ships/Iron Men - pending figuring out postage to down under.

Comicsscars claimed D-Day, Gettysburg and Chancellorsville.


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