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Took the Dominions 5 plunge, now what do I do?

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I have made my pretender and picked my Civ, Uruk.  I am in my second game.  I learned a lot from my first to my second and have a better position this game because of it.  I am getting the hang of building troops, picking Commanders I need, and trying to fit in Research and Forging and Preaching and Building and on and on and on.  I am digging it so far, but I am interested to hear some of the opening moves you make as a general rule.  Do you start off aggressive?  Do you take time to marshal Resources for troops or Temples and Forts?  And a big one for me so far, HOW THE HELL DO I GET IN THE WATER?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!  Commanders can Forge items to go in the water, but, how do I get the troops to get in the water?  My Civ has access to water troops and Commanders.  I thought I would get access by building Palisades in a coastal province.  Do I need to upgrade the walls first to gain access to the water units?  They aren't appearing in the Recruitment box.

Anywho, whatever knowledge you want to drop on a n00b is appreciated.  And let me know when the next one starts.  I think I am in ;)

I am watching with interest...

DasTactic, Attica, and Perun are all good youtubers for learning the game.

I find Das's videos to be particularly newbie friendly.  He has a whole series explaining the entire game, with this one being a good starting point.  His series covers just about every aspect of the game, including how to get yourself underwater as a non-UW nation.  I'd scan his playlist to see particular topics that interest you.

As a general rule, you want to basically eat up as many independent provinces as you can grab, especially high-income provinces.  A good number to aim for is having about 12-ish provinces (including your capital) by turns 12-15.  Hitting this number involves practicing with a nation and figuring out how to make the most use of their vanilla troops to effectively take down independent provinces.

There's no official diplomacy system, but depending on what personality the AI is given, they usually won't attack you if you respect your borders with them while expanding into indie provinces.  Once you or them attack one another, it becomes an all-out total war to the death in most cases.

For your getting wet predicament, if you can find any mercenaries that happen to be amphibious, that would be ideal.  Otherwise you can often recruit amphibious independent troops from certain coastal provinces, like mermaid soldiers or turtle men.  There are forgeable items that can get you underwater, but in the early expansion phase when you only have access to items that give personal water breathing or breathing for like 5 guys, it can be useful to just give one to a mage or super-combatant who can take down a province defense by himself

I actually watched the 'SuperCombatant,' vid before even loading the game.  I gave the manual a once over this afternoon.  It made things even clearer.  I hadn't thought to make a SC and send him to take on a province.  That'd be useful.  Not being able to enter water opens HUGE holes in my defense.  Guess I just have to be a little more aggressive in gobbling up land.  Kind of makes sense though.  A little like city spam in Civ.

I'll probably break down and take some time to make some newbie comments. I can't really help you in a positive way as I always lose, but I can sure point out things to avoid.


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