Author Topic: 1-48TACTIC - Is there a cards-only version for those who already have minis?  (Read 634 times)

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Many people who like the concept of 1-48TACTIC already have a considerable investment in other scales, and asked me this question...

So the answer is Yes! there is, on Kickstarter now:

already available to choose from:

US Infantry (series 48W03)
German Fallschirmjäger (series 48W04)
SOVIET RKKA (series 48W05)
US AIRBORNE (series 48W01)

plus lots of others and if we get to 10k ADDITIONAL BONUS FREE CONTENT: Company HQ set (10 cards) will be added FREE, to ALL unlocked decks!

1-48TACTIC is a brutal fast-paced skirmish  tabletop miniatures game in 1/48th scale (but is playable with any size  really as long as the base is 25mm), which uses stat cards and tokens to  produce a realistic simulation and at the same time a very rewarding  game experience! If you are not familiar with the game check out the  website at