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Greetings - I'm back

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Just a shout out to everyone here as I've been away for a while due to work and family.  Man it feels like it's been ages.

Are Starfury, Gus and Brant still hanging around (Mazeltov!).  Is Ghostryder still comparing with Baldurs Gate 2 these days? I jest, it was my favorite as well.

Is there still an ongoing 'what are you playing now?' thread that I can contribute too? 

All the best in these crazy times.

Welcome back, and I dig the avatar  O0

Endfire!  Nice to see you back!  Starfury just dabbles.  Gus is up to his armpits in it.  And brant has moved along.  There's still a FRIDAY thread, if that's your cup of meat.

Where have you been??

Sir Slash:
Hey Endfire. Great to have you back Man.  :bd:


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