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RIP -- Lou Ottens, inventor of the cassette tape

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Made many a mixed tape in my younger days.  Thanks and RIP Lou.

And for all you young whipper snappers, these are cassette tapes.  :tickedoff:

Loved my tape collection when I was a teenager. RIP.

RIP.   First music I ever purchased was on a cassette tape (Fragile by Yes).  And my 2003 convertible has a combo CD/Cassette player in it.  Your legacy lives on.

Great album by Yes.  I was running on Long Island one day and found a 8 track container with a bunch of 8 tracks, must have been around 1977 and Fragile was in there.  I remember because Roundabout was the popular song, gave all the tracks to my neighbor.  Donít remember the other 8 tracks in the storage

Ah Yes...Roundabout :)  Released a few years before I could really appreciate it.  O0


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