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What are the best SSDs for gaming. Looking to balance storage size, speed and price.


Not sure if you had anything specific in mind, but I tend to just go with Samsung's standard SSD series.  Price is pretty good - I'd recommend going for the 1TB for $120 as anything smaller than that will run out quite fast (500GB is the next lowest size).  Performance is great, I don't know that there are alternatives that have better performance, but maybe someone can weigh in.

If I could afford/needed it, I'd check out the WD Blacks.  Since I suspect you have a fairly new PC, this NVMe ought to work in yours, if you have an open NVMe slot...

Storage sure has changed over the years. It has become much more complicated than it used to be. Right now, my main rig has a Patriot P300 PCIe 4.0 M.2 NVMe, in addition to a 4TB mechanical drive. I wonder if I can get a second M.2 NVMe drive in there? The mobo is a MSI B550-A PRO - ATX.

Your mainboard looks like it might have two m.2 slots so you probably could get another one.
I have standard samsung m.2 and ssd drives combined with my old mechanical from my old system. I have not been as pedantic as I would have with computer equipment for my latest rig. So I could not tell you of the best performing ssd. The m.2 drives are supposed to be faster but one thing I did not look into was whether a second one would have a slower bus speed.... you know like the PCIe primary slot is x16 and the others x8 or even x4. Obviously some SATA slots will be faster as well. But all your SATA slots seem to be the same. Might be like that these days, you used to have a combination of SATA controllers of differing capabilities.

There is a whole art to knowing the best SSD but I am afraid I have not kept up with it. Be curious to know where the PCI-E SSD cards weigh in vs the SSD and m.2.


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