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Has anyone heard of widespread GPU issues across the industry due in part to the pandemic and silicon shortages, or any other cause. I keep having problems with my new GPU and although CLX keeps sending me replacements, they claim the issue has to do with GPU and QA issues at the manufacturing level and that they are seeing record numbers of RMAs. I've briefly looked online for this, but nothing jumped out at me. 

Pete Dero:
I've not heard of issues due to the pandemic (besides shortages) but there are other widespread GPU problems.  Just in case it might be helpful :

An NVIDIA staff member has suggested users roll back to an earlier version of Windows 10 to resolve gameplay issues on devices using NVIDIA GPUs.

Since Microsoft released the April 2021 cumulative updates, gamers have complained about frame rate drops and stuttering while playing games.

"If you are seeing lower performance in games, check if rolling back Windows 10 Update KB5000842 solves the issue," an NVIDIA staff member commented in the NVIDIA forums.

Thanks. My card is an AMD and the nature of my problem is much more severe than reduced frame rates. I wish that is all it was.

What kind of problems?


--- Quote from: Gusington on April 23, 2021, 12:30:28 PM ---What kind of problems?

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Dude...its so upsetting. It starts with a green screen of death usually followed by artifacting or a hard reboot. Upon reboot, the computer will frequently have no signal going to any of the monitors. On occasion, I can recover and boot normally or get into safe mode. But eventually, I'll get that green screen again and lose signal to the monitors. Most recently, uninstalling the Radeon drivers with DDU and re-installing worked for awhile, but since yesterday, when I had to remove the GPU to install that damn SSD, the problem started again and I've tried that DDU flush twice and now I can't even get it to boot with a monitor signal.

They are sending me ANOTHER 6900XT (this will be no. 3). I just find it so hard to believe that two brand new top of the line GPUs have gone bad. They are convinced that the GPUs are the issue, I just can't help from feeling that something else might be screwing them up. ie. PSU, MOBO, RAM...I don't know...something else. 


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