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Computer Gaming / Re: The Ascent - A Cyber Diablo Clone
« Last post by CptHowdy on Yesterday at 04:01:46 PM »
picked this up earlier today. love the aesthetics so far and enjoying the gameplay. running around my district now and picking up all the side quests and loot O0
Computer Gaming / Re: Distant Worlds 2 Formal Announcement
« Last post by steve58 on Yesterday at 03:52:21 PM »
Arg, just got my 16th or 17th? (the email/site seem to be in conflict) anniversary coupon from Matrix/Slitherine.  Its gonna expire on Aug 28th.  Hoping they release DW2 before it expires....but there always WarPlan Pacific as a backup...guess I'm going to wait this out til late August.

p.s.  I think I've hit the MG discount ceiling.  Current coupon is 50% off (not complaining!), but I think last years discount was also 50%.  Anyone gotten more than 50% off?  Again, not complaining (thanks MG!), just curious.

Just a heads up, this is on my Steam homepage in EA for $14.99.  I'd never heard of it....looks pretty darn fun!

Computer Gaming / Re: Epic?
« Last post by Redwolf on Yesterday at 01:48:54 PM »
If you are into trains, one of the current weekly freebies is Train Sim World 2.

Thank you!
Computer Gaming / Re: Friday 1999
« Last post by Tripoli on Yesterday at 01:25:01 PM »
South Mountain is arguably the title of the Civil War's "most important battle that no one has heard of" :)  This article describes why it was so important.

For those who are short of time, here is the author of "Unholy Sabbath: The Battle of South Mountain in History and Memory" giving a talk about it.
Current Events / Re: Explosion Reported in USS Bonhomme Richard
« Last post by Gusington on Yesterday at 12:30:43 PM »
^That...would explain a lot. I wouldn't think that would even be possible in 2021, though.
Current Events / Re: Explosion Reported in USS Bonhomme Richard
« Last post by bobarossa on Yesterday at 12:26:38 PM »
I thought I read that some of the firecontrol gear/sensors were offline due to the work that was ongoing.  May have been a different vessel though.
Current Events / Re: Explosion Reported in USS Bonhomme Richard
« Last post by Gusington on Yesterday at 12:25:16 PM »
I don't have the same military experience as many on here (State Guard only) but even I would have got my ass handed to me if I had f'd up on the firewatches I have been on. I never met anyone who did not take firewatch seriously, even in this modern digital age of smoke detectors, fire alarms, etc.
Computer Gaming / Re: Friday 1999
« Last post by Toonces on Yesterday at 12:00:54 PM »
Nice.  I've spent most of my time in SoW playing with the sandbox ironically enough.  I've had the South Mountain book for 4 or 5 years but never read it.  Reading Sears last night, I just finished up the South Mountain part and stopped when the two armies are staring at one another across Antietam Creek on the 17th or 19th, and now I'm more interested in learning more about those fights.
Computer Gaming / Re: Friday 1999
« Last post by Tripoli on Yesterday at 11:42:22 AM »
^ Wow, that looks like a really interesting game, Tripoli.

Anyway, I haven't played a video game in donkeys, but today and this weekend I'm gonna clear the schedule and invest some time in gaming.  I'm with Rayfer and Tripoli with the ACW themes: Grand Tactician and Scourge of War (interestingly, I'm just finishing up Sears' Landscape Turned Red and I have a book on standby called Before Antietam, the Battle for South Mountain.  I was wondering if Scourge of War had any South Mountain scenarios).

I'm also likely going to go with some old faithful Cold Waters, and maybe, just maybe if I'm feeling ambitious, fire up War on the Sea.  Still haven't really given it much of a shot.

That's a pretty ambitious gaming schedule, so we'll see how much I get through.  Books seem to be taking up all of my time lately.

Churchill is a great game, and is well worth owning.  It is best with 3 players. See for a description.  Scourge of War-Antietam has scenarios dealing with South Mountain from the Union side, and (I believe) 2 from the CSA side.  One scenario deals with the initial push by the Kanawha Division into Fox Gap in the morning of 14 Oct 62, and the other 3 Union scenarios deal with the afternoon battles at Fox, Crampton and Turner's Gap.  I'm planning on doing a video of a SOW game going over each of the battles and use it as a jumping off point to discuss the battles.  A bit like I did when I did the Steam and Iron AAR several years ago, except in a video format. (
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