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As you can see on the map above we are to maneuver 3 Challenger tanks and a FOV90 (which serves as CO/Scout/Forward Observer) to the objective area of Terrier.  Standing in front of us are a possible platoon of recon units that could be somewhere in the middle of the map (random), supported by tanks.  We are confined to the corridor of two black lines and as you can see there is quit a bit of open space.  We want to use the FOV90 as a forward scout and use the tree lines or forest itself as cover.

Our plan is simple.... along the southern line of the map provides the most cover and once we reach open ground, we plan to move to the center wooded area of the map.  Once there we will assess the best route as there is a lot of open ground and the position of the enemy are unknown.   This map is very dangerous as it has rolling hills and many potential ambush positions.

Assembly area, we are scanning forward as one of the tanks spots enemy inf. right off the bat.

After scanning the FOV moves out to begin scouting ahead along the southern line.

Not idea for tanks to be traversing a forrest area, however we align in column formation and begin the long task of reaching our objective.

Infantry spotted and a BTR, the Challengers fan out to engage and cover. Unfornantly after this I lost our FOV, I am not going to tell you why  :D .. let's just say situational awareness is always critical and more so with mech units. (As Asid says, F5 is your best of best friends)

In the distance a small formation of recon infantry are engaged

The BTR from the scout unit is no match for a Challenger and is quickly taken out.  It should be noted, there was quit a bit of fog so visibility was very limited so the Thermals were crucial.

You can see as we continue after scanning the area through the trees

Unknown to us, some BTR and infantry take up positions.  This BTR raced forward.

It is hard to see, but in the upper righthand corner you can make out two challengers in the treeline as this BMP is a setting duck.

Asid and I begin to engage the BMPs and Infantry

Exposed, we made short work of this flanking infantry

We are on the move across open terrain into another wooded area, we spot infantry on a nearby hill and decided to not engage.

Mistake, the infantry spots us and artillary begins to rain down.  1 Challenger suffers radio damage as well as other issues, and another takes damage as we high speed out of the line of fire.

We take care of the enemy and move forward and as you can see in this picture and unaware to me, a enemy BTR was moving forward.  We did not see each other as the tree was obstructing my forward view.

This view is from the BTR as he popped smoke, however it was too late for him, I pumped two rounds into him.

Shot from my tank as his smoke passes over me.

Hard to make out, but there are 3 BTRs to our front (we are in the bottom of the photo in the trees) and unknown to use at the time, a T-90 has taking up a flanking position out of our line of site.  to the East

Picture of the two disabled BTRs, BMP, and the T-90 to the left... we are in the tree line scanning.

Popping the BTRs top

We set and scan for more targets.  At this point we have 1 fully operational tank with the other 2 damaged.  We are close to our objective as the clearing ahead leads to the north and to Terrier.

T-90 waiting in a ambush location.

We continue to scan and finally believe it is clear to begin out high speed race across open space and to our objective.

As we pull out you can see the T-90 just over the crest of the hill... he begins to engage us to our right flank.

Perfect ambush position

He is able to hit and disable 2 of our tanks as we return fire.

I jump into the last tank with Asid driving.... we cut out like a bat out of hell..... our tank is leaking fuel, TC is dead, Thermals are out and the engine is running rough but Asid opens it up and we take off to the objective with the T-90 back over the hill to our 4'Oclock position.

WE MADE IT!!!! Barely... in a tank that was reduced to a scout car.  It was a blast to play and it is hard to clude everthing in this AAR, especially the sheer amount of tension experienced.  If you haven't yet or are on the fence, I recommended picking it up.... and further more playing with us on-line.  Asid and I had a blast just going back over the AAR last night.... Good Times!

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If you add a width=800 to your img opening bracket like this {img width=800}, the forum engine will resize your screenies without losing HD quality, so that they'll fit in the thread window. (It has to be done for each img of course, but just copy-paste the addition including the space before width.)

Also -- I must be exhausted this afternoon because I first read the thread title as OPERATION SQUEEZE TIGHT.  :D

Anyway, great AAR.  O0
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