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EA wins Worst Company in America reader poll

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Interesting article from Wired on EA winning the Worst Company in America reader poll and the "used game sales are ruining the industry" debate.

EA appears to have become the "evil empire" of gaming. I remember (here we go...) when they usee to be a fairly decent outfit, but then they got that corporate line of thinking and boom - everything went all to hell.

I liked EA sports games.  But now all I play (on the 360) is shooters.

Any good (by good I mean entertaining/fun) golf or baseball games out there?

Arctic Blast:
In my opinion, EA beating half the corporations on that list is just an indication of the increasing amount of loud whining coming from gamers as a whole. Sure, there are legitimate gripes to be made about the gaming industry, but things have gotten to the point of being ridiculous.

EA is hit and miss. They have ruined some franchises (i.e. Command and Conquer) while doing extremely well in others (i.e. NHL, especially after some serious price competition from 2K a few years ago).


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