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I saw Anchorman 2 was added to Netflix tonight, so I checked it out. Not nearly as terrible as I thought it was. Started poorly and I thought I was wasting my time, but I stuck with it and it got much better and stayed entertaining. The ending parts...well that didn't make a whole hell of a lot of sense, but it appeals to me.

After that I went looking for something else and just stumbled across this one: The Knights of Badassdom. There's some actors in it you have no doubt heard of it, but I've not heard one peep of this movie, anywhere.

Check out the trailer; you'll probably recognize a few of them.

Knights of Badassdom is really, really fun.

I'm watching Anchorman 2 right now.

Netflix gem?

Try John Dies At The End.


They just started the Marco Polo series over here. Thats a really good series imho


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