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^Yes it does!  Although the story telling is not as well done as say "The Sopranos" it is engaging enough.

^ Funny you mention The Sopranos.  I've just started rewatching the series after the release of the prequel tie-in movie Many Saints of Newark.  Unfortunately, that movie was quite a stinker.  Clunky and incoherent plot and very little approaching an actual story arc.  Just felt like a bunch of mobster scenes and Sopranos callbacks loosely strung together. Leslie Odom's character barely had any impact on the story despite being built up as an antagonist. Alessandro Nivola and Michael Gandolfini were definitely the highlights, and the action scenes were well done, but it was completely let down by a lousy script. Strange because David Chase managed to churn out pretty good content for years, but this one is a total miss.

^ I didn't know what to expect but enjoyed Many Saints. The one scene towards the end on the beach was equally f'd up and great.

^^Yeah I've been seeing a lot of ads for the new Sopranos movie.  Thanks for the movie assessment.  Too bad it was not that great.

Speak of the devil (literally  >:D) former mafioso Michael Franzese just posted a video review of Many Saints, and holy hell does he rip into it and David Chase.

EDIT - Dang, he REALLY rips into this one...  Calls it one of the worst movies he's ever seen.  I lol'ed at the part where he says "You don't need to portray mobsters as degenerate scumbags to make them look bad, they already make themselves look bad enough!" 


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