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Man, you know I've never seen the Sopranos?   :wow:  I'd really like to watch the series now, but I don't have HBO.

On a separate but related note, I finished all four seasons of Better Call Saul last night.  I really, really enjoyed it.  BUT, why didn't you tell me that there's a fifth season that's not on Netflix!?  I'm watching those last two episodes and saying to myself, there is no way they can wrap up all these story lines in two more shows.  Then the last show I'm thinking, there sure is a lot of ground they're going to need to cover in one hour to wrap this season up.  By halfway through I realized no way this was the final episode and I'd been duped.

Grrrr.....   :knuppel2:

Sir Slash:
I can't remember how many seasons I watched on Netflix and then just picked it up on FX, I think? There's supposed to be one more season coming but I haven't heard when. And there'll still be a bunch of storylines to finish-up when they do. BTW, I've never seen the Sopranos either except for a few episodes.

On the flip-side, I'm really liking, "Medici The Magnificent" series on Netflix. Very well done with lots of plot twists and suspense. Not a lot of action though, but great scenery and medieval sets looking like Florence, and on-going cameos by Dustin Hoffman no less. Kind of like The Last Kingdom without the cool Viking battles.

Couple of good Netflix movies I've recently watched:

Death to 2021.  It's  basically a parody of a lot of the stuff that happened in 2021 (Covid, Jan 6, etc).  It features a bunch of comedians.  I thought it was hysterical and highly recommend.  It's one hour, so a quick watch.

War Machine.  I'd never heard of this and watched it on a whim last night.  It stars Brad Pitt as GEN Stanley McChrystal and is based on a book that was based on a Rolling Stone article that led to McChrystal's firing from ISAF.  I really enjoyed it.  It really shows what a complete CF Afghanistan is/was.

Dont look up was good.


--- Quote from: GDS_Starfury on January 02, 2022, 05:43:08 PM ---Dont look up was good.

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I enjoyed it too.  Did you watch the scene that comes after the credits?


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