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Gangs of New York was a great film!

I love Gangs of New York - it is very cartoony, however. When I first saw it was hoping for something a little more like Once Upon a Time in America.

I just finished watching an hysterical comedy special on Netflix: Jim Gaffigan: Comedy Monster

It's geared more towards adults, but it's PG-14, no cursing or otherwise unsuitable humor for children so you can watch it in mixed company.  Some of the jokes won't make sense to a 14 year old, though. 

Very, very highly recommended!   :bd:

So I watched a Jim Gaffigan special with my wife the other night (Beyond the Pale) and she hated it while I loved it.  So...his humor isn't for everyone I guess.

Wife and I watched a very good movie on Hulu Saturday night called Mother/Android.  Best way to describe it is The Walking Dead with androids instead of zombies.  It's kinda a bummer movie, but we both quite enjoyed it.  Two thumbs up.

^Jesus Christ


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