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What's on your table right now?

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Just got Last Blitzkrieg by Dean Essig and Multi-Man Publishing yesterday.  It's the first game in his Battalion Combat Series.  My 7 foot pool table is not wide enough for the full set of maps to lay flat so I'm going to have to get some plywood or something else to put on top of the table to expand it.  There are 6 counter sheets so I'm going to get a couple of plastic trays for all the units and markers.  Can't wait to get playing it!

Edit - Not sure why it's out of focus.  Looks fine on my phone.

Busted out ye olde Hornet Leader.

In the middle of a Medium length Iraq '91.  All is going well despite one string of bad luck resulting in a shootdown (and successful SAR).

Escape From Hades.

Solitaire game from Hollandspiele.

Halfway through first game of space jailbreak.  Going pretty well but time is ticking and I still haven't found the prison cells of the Princess or the Elder Aliens (for the good VP).

Played Dominant Species yesterday with some friends over TTS using Zoom for voice. A great game, and a great way to play.   


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