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Collection of articles from The War Between the States
« on: January 03, 2016, 07:49:50 PM »
Daily Missouri Rebulican
St. Louis Friday May 1, 1863

Major Rebel Offensive begins in Hermitage!

Southern troops led by General William Hardee began a new campaign in our beloved state late last month.  Our boys rose up to defend our homes and were led by General William Smith.  Although outnumbered in manpower and field guns almost 2 to 1 they succeeded in slowing down the rebel advance. 

The battle began with Smiths 8000+ force meeting Hardee's 16000+ army.  Not all units participated in the battle and it was reported that only an average of 16% of the forces were involved.  Despite the low participation it was clear by the end of the day that our boys could not stop the advance despite being well supplied and dug in a multi-level trench system.  Hardee and his staff led his men well and unfortunately Smiths boys cowered under the pressure of the massive rebel assault.  Jefferson City now stands threatened.  Citizens are advised to remain indoors during the day and only venture outside after sundown when the probability of fighting is at it's lowest. 
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Re: Collection of articles from The War Between the States
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Cool W8. I'm loving Civil War II myself right now.
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