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What happened in Heroes and Generals
« on: September 20, 2016, 09:28:15 PM »

  Well...I've been occasionally learning how to play and my kill ratio is (I get killed 4 times for each one kill).  But the weapon thing comes out interestingly.  I've been playing soviets for
a month, but apparently I had quite a spree as an American a year or so ago -- 34 kills with the M1, 12 with the BAR, 9 with the grease gun etc.  In accuracy, the Russian pistol is three times better than any other weapon, but the bazooka and various grenades are more "accurate" than anything except the pistol.

  Even stranger, getting kills seems to have little or no relation to my perception of how well I'm doing -- I've gotten no kills with the Big Russian armored car, but I was convinced I was all-powerful in that thing.  The only kill I got in my most recent AC recon mission was on some German who planted mines all around my car while I was trying to figure out what he was doing.  So I got out and shot him and left the AC whereupon another intrepid German jumped into the AC and was blown up.  I got no credit for that.  Then I ran out of luck on a catwalk trying to pick up a panzerfaust on principle.  Yes.  Somebody shot me.  There was blood all over some imaginary last glimse of the sky and the catwalk as I expired with a hearty wail of despair.