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2017 Game of the Year Nomination (digital)

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Can we only mention games that are already out yet? Maybe i am a dreamer but Lord of Rigel has almost all the features i want/like in a 4x...and i do hope it comes out this year. Master of Orion is not the most innovative but it is the game from 2016 i spent the most time with and had the most fun with (as did my kids) yeah it is our family best game of 2016  O0. Even if it was just for the fact that they brought MOO back from its grave  <:-)


--- Quote from: Anguille on February 03, 2017, 02:50:43 AM ---Can we only mention games that are already out yet?

--- End quote ---

Nah. Nominate whatever you want. Brant's been very upfront that these awards are purely popularity contests ;)

Best Expansion: Burma Road for Order of Battle WW2

deleted due to confusion on my part about when a certain game came out   :timeout: :timeout: :timeout:

Afghanistan '11

Steel Division: Normandy 44

ARK: Survival Evolved ... ..... what? Technically it released this year.  >:D

Tank Warfare: Tunisia 1943


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