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« on: October 22, 2017, 12:29:39 AM »
Picked up FOG2 a few days ago, my first venture into wargaming with ancients. This is a well put together game, it's really easy to get up and running. The UI makes it easy to get around and there's helpful tool tips, all the info you need is available and once through the tutorials you'll be up and running. I've played the tutorials and one quick battle and i'm in battle 5 of a 5 battle campaign as the Romans. This AAR is from the 4th battle of the campaign. I'll finish this campaign, bump up the difficulty and play another short campaign and then get some PBEM going.

Troop dispositions

The enemy folded before turn 14 started.
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Lust to own.... rising!

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Congrats on the win Budd-icus Ceasar!  O0
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Thanks for putting this up, Budd.
Thinking hard about taking the plunge.
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