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Download links (MekHQ, Customs, etc)
« on: April 06, 2018, 11:35:42 AM »
As the campaign progresses you will need to update your MekHQ with campaign data.
I'll post my MekHQ package here, so we all have the same baseline (camo's, faction icons, etc) version.

Never update MekHQ before I've given the go-ahead! You risk savegame corruption if you do.

Once we can upgrade to a newer version of MekHQ, usually you can just download it from and let it overwrite your latest baseline install (I would still make a backup just in case).

The term 'Customs' refers to custom built units using construction rules. Each non-factory default unit is regarded as a 'custom'. The units have their own files, so they will need to be shared among players.

I'll also link handy tools here for easy reference to all the latest software we use in the campaign.
Latest Campaign Save
Feb 2nd 2019 - (NickAragua added)

MekHQ and Customs (Last update: Jan 26 2019)
MekHQ Baseline version

Battletech Strategy and Tactics Primer (author is, I just merged his blog posts into one PDF)

Random Assignments Tables 3028 - 3050

Inner Sphere Jumpship Routes circa 3025

Dice Roller - a handy little app that let's you roll all kinds of dice.
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