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Red Dead Redemption 2

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Pete Dero:

I don't have any consoles so I'm hoping that they will release this one on PC this time next year.

Pete Dero:

--- Quote from: Grim.Reaper on October 25, 2018, 06:58:59 AM ---Seems like a lot of high scores being given

--- End quote --- : a benchmark for other open world games to aspire to 

so how is the word after 2 weeks by those Grogs who have it?

i like the western theme very much and i am so tempted to even considering getting an xbox x just for RDR2,
(ok, it may get a PC release, but that will take many many month from now and falls probably not in the start of the bad 'n cold weather season, when i am in the mood for indoor activity and have the time to immerse deep into an open world game)

but i am wondering how good aiming in those gunfights, i have seen in the Let's play i follow atm, can be done with a controller? i am sooo used to a mouse :-[

Aiming in GTA and RDR 1 always incorporates a 'snap to target' or 'aim assist' feature. In fact, most console games do.
So yes, aiming and prosecuting targets in these games is quite intuitive and doable!  O0

Aiming an such, is not a big issue, works well with a controller.  However, there are a lot of controls with dials and various buttons that does taken some getting used to.  I haven't gotten very far yet, real life got in the way, plus it does have some kind of nasty bug where you can miss part of the story quests so I am waiting for the first patch to drop.  But with all that said, gorgeous game and very much worth it in my opinion, but I do know others don't feel the same way.

As for PC release, I suspect it will come some day but no official announcement yet, likely will wait until after the holidays until everyone has already bought a console version and then they can get PC gamers to buy it twice:)  I think for GTA it came out a year or so after the console.


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