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I get what you mean Jason.  I think RDR2 does a better job of making the story feel more interactive and like you have a degree of meaningful choices, and opportunities to play as a good guy.  But ultimately, like the first game, you're just being shoehorned into this big convoluted tragedy where a blind man can see from miles away which way the wind is going to blow in the end.  Not to mention prequel-itis, where you know characters in RDR1 have to survive, and you're just wondering most of the game how the characters who didn't make it to RDR1 will die.


--- Quote from: JasonPratt on October 04, 2019, 01:47:21 PM --- I'm not all that big a fan of grungy morally-grey storylines being foisted on me in games. I tolerated that in the first game, because there was room for some nuance occasionally, but the prequel seems like it's going to be much worse.

--- End quote ---

It really depends on how you play it.  The concept of Arthur being a "bad guy" really goes as far as you do or don't want it to go.  The Karma system is fully in play and it has some affect on how the story progresses, especially in the end. 

A good Arthur playthrough is a much more redemptive story arc, even more than the first game.   A bad playhrough seems very dark and shallow, and really doesn't mesh with the way the game seems to gently push you.

There's some really bad stuff you get up to either way you play it, but unlike some of the other games there's a lot of ironic consequence in the acts that come into play later. 

It's honestly the best Rockstar has done with telling a story.   I can't praise it enough.   There's a lot of stuff there that'll stick with me for a long time.   

It's enough I may buy it again for PC even though I've got it on PS4.

Ah! -- I'm glad to hear that, SirAndrew, thanks!  O0

Having said that: I'm also caught trying not to judge the product for what I wanted it to be, which is a western sequel set during World War I, trying to deal with the Germans fomenting Mexico to attack over the border in order to keep America out of the war. That would have been a hell of a ride and also a great story hook to work lots of angles from.

Plus the Three Amigos mods should have been epic.  :'(

That would've been a cool concept for the game.

I prefer the way they went though.   There's a very "Butch and Sundance" vibe in this game, the way the old lawless way of life is dying and being replaced by centralized government and organized law enforcement backed by corporate power. 

The setting also allows for a stark look into the brutality of the "Wounded Knee Era" of the treatment of Native American tribes.

The gang is very much living in a world that's rejecting them and their supposedly noble "freedom loving" aspirations.   It goes far to ask if they were ever really true goals in the first place, and how much they were all possibly misled from the start by their leader, Dutch. 

As you say, you've played the first game, so you know exactly the kind of person Dutch was there.  He's seemingly not the same at the start of this game, and there's a real interrogation of his character that goes on right from the beginning through your viewpoint as his best friend and right hand man.

The game also has a villain in it that makes Dutch from the first game seem like a total pussycat.


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