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Father Ted:
...well, not quite fully yet, but my lovely wife bought me a headset (Quest 2) for Christmas/birthday.  Took me quite a while to work out how to connect it to the PC (had to buy a cable, upgrade to Win 10, upgrade USB 3.0 hub drivers, and install opencomposite), but I have had at last had a flight in Flying Circus.  My poor old PC managed about 10fps, but it was enough to show me the future. I knew my GPU wouldn't be up to the job, but part 2 of my Christmas/birthday present will be an upgrade on that front...

Congrats, now you have your entry point to go down the new rig rabbit hole.

How did Flying Circus look/play other than the slow frame rate?

Congrats. The Quest 2 is a fine headset.

What are your system specs? VR does require a relatively beefy modern system, but there are always tweaks that can be made to improve FPS. Let us know what you're working with and maybe we can help improve your experience while you are waiting for the upgrade.

Father Ted:
Thanks for the welcome guys

@Gus: FC was (as everybody says) amazing in VR.  Apart from the VR-ness of it, what struck me was how bright and vivid and life-like the colours were.  Up to that point, all I'd played were a couple of games on the Quest itself, which are a bit like Wii games graphically.  Because of the framerate I couldn't really play - everything was very laggy.

@JH: I have an i7-3770k (which I'm hoping will be OK) and a GTX 1050 Ti (which I knew would be a problem).  I don't expect to be able to play using my current rig (although I had a surprisingly acceptable experience with Star Wars Squadrons) and will try to wait for a new graphics card before really getting into flying in VR.  Could be a long wait, though, so I'd certainly appreciate any tips.

Once you get your new rig you won’t even recognize the word ‘lag’ anymore.


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