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Two very nice AAR's have been put up under the AAR sub forum... Grab your popcorn! <:-)

Matt3916, Division 1

 3,1 for two completed matches.

Shelldrake, Division 1

3,3 for 2 completed matches

Matches with Yskonyn and Sauron are still in progress.

Waiting for Paolo to issue a challenge :)

Apologied for the radio silence. I had some tech issues. Seem to be resolved now.

Setup a game for matt now.

The game against Shelldrake shows up as 'completed' for me for some reason. I can load the game still and it shows me my last move. No idea why it is flagged as completed, cause I am pretty sure it wasn't. So Shelldrake, if you could please check your games under 'completed' and see if we can resume.

Apologies for posting late.  Tripoli should be updated to 3, 3, 3 (9).   I'm not sure who I play next for the semi finals.  I'll get an AAR done of the last game and get it posted in the next day or so.  R/L is interfering with my hobbies again >:(


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