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A Matter of Honor - A Serbia '14 MP game No Austrians Please!!

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We are off and running in our Serbia '14 game.  Here is the situation after the Serbian 2nd Turn.

My partner is going to drive down the south side of the river to Sabac with his full division and reinforced by the Sabac Detachment when it releases.  I'm swinging the portion of the division I'm commanding around to the other side of town hoping my partners assault will have drawn off some troops.  Meanwhile when the rest of my division comes on as reinforcements we're hoping that the Austrians will have weakened the center to reinforce the flanks and they can strike there.

Situation at the end of the Serbian turn 3.  My partner has made a common mistake among new players and moved his machine gun units right up to the line.   Best bet is to hold them back two hexes and work that Austrian infantry over.  With their crappy morale they should disrupt soon enough and then it's time to send the infantry in.  Move your field guns up to within range but out of range of Austrian machine guns and do the same.  All the stacks with the red around them have disrupted units.  With the Austrians in trenches my Serbian partner will probably need to pull back a bit and set up what's left of his machine gun companies and do as I advised.  Meanwhile the units of my division continue to move around to the other flank but it's slow going on those mountain trails.

Night has fallen on the field.  I'm taking advantage to move up my machine gun companies within two hexes of the enemy without their knowledge.  Won't he have a nasty surprise come daylight.  The red X's in the screenshot are the hexes where my machine gun companies will deploy, and my field guns if I can get them there in time, to start softening up the hex at the end of the red arrow.  The only downer so far is that my 2nd Regiment is now 4 hours late.  I'm hoping they come on soon as I'm sure I'll need them.  I decided I didn't have enough time to move completely around to the other side of the bridgehead and my partner I'm sure could use some help in getting some of the pressure lifted of his division.

Last turn before dawn.  My cavalry ran into an Austrian cavalry unit holding a stream crossing so now the Austrians know my division is somewhere close.  I'm hoping he'll still be surprised in the morning when the Serbian machine guns open up.  Only one in position to fire early but my other machine gun unit and the field guns will be ready to fire on the second turn of daylight.  My partner has pulled back to regroup and have another go sometime in the morning.  Still no sign of my second infantry regiments arrival.  They will be sorely missed if they don't arrive on the next turn.

Well the Serbians have just concluded turn 6.  Once again my next infantry regiment did not show up.

However much to my surprise the Austrians were not holding the VP hex in front of me so I was able to occupy it for nothing.  Not sure what they are thinking but I'm in a position to drive towards the bridge and see about cutting some of those Austrians off.  My partner has also claimed one VP hex and looks posed to capture another.


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