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A Matter of Honor - A Serbia '14 MP game No Austrians Please!!

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Well may have been a mistake to have marched around the Austrian flank as they look well reinforced now.  Going to be a slugfest for sure now.  Did manage to take the one small VP hex from the Austrian cavalry and it helps but the rest is going to be a slog.

Well the Serbians are in for a tough time now since the Austrian reinforcements made it across the river.  Our hope now has to be that we trick those Austrians into standing up by yelling "free streudel" and shoot them down like the dogs they are.  Hopefully that fixed division will release on the next morning and we will have some fresh troops to hammer them with.

Nice AAR, thanks for share

Sorry I forgot to grab a screenshot at the end of turn 19 but there isn't room to swing a dead cat and not hit an Austrian stack loaded with infantry and machine guns. Took too long trying to flank the bridgehead and we will just be playing out the string I believe.


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