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Star Wars : The Bad Batch

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Reunion was very very tasty!

Yeah, I have a feeling that he will do a Vader like return as a new character. Shame. The creativity seems to be edging towards retelling the same star wars tropes instead of being creative but still being true to the star wars universe's limits and rules.

I wouldnt disagree.  all star wars stories are about family and this is no different.
I do find it to be entertaining and thats all I want.

I'm enjoying the series so far, even though I've only seen a couple of seasons of the Clone Wars series.

Hopefully the writers won't cheese out and have Omega go all 'Grant Ward' on the Batch because she has undetected wetware programing waiting to get activated.

Clone Wars is very good but its still stuck to the prequels.  season 7 is a great break from that.  Rebels is where the fun is even though it starts a bit to geared for kids.  that changes pretty fast thankfully.


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