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Re: War Room on Steam
« Reply #15 on: November 19, 2020, 10:39:25 AM »
Iíve played about an hour. Have mixed impressions. It has a lot of good ideas and I appreciate what theyíve attempted to do...but, it needs some work. Like, maybe a lot of work. It feels incomplete, there are a lot of information gaps, lacking explanations and ambiguity on much of the mechanics and game elements.

The battle system initially feels cool with all observation being accomplished via drone feed, but there is no control over your units in combat. None at all. As the commanders, you can only order support and reinforcements. Doesnít seem to be too much variety to the combat either, once the novelty wears off, I think most will end up not even watching.

Anyway, still want to give it some more time. The mission variety is cool and there a terrorist hunt system that seems pretty interesting. Win hearts and minds, secure villages and territory, go on patrols, etc. and gather intel on terrorist leaders. The root them out and eliminated them. Weíll see how it goes.

Yeah - I watched some of the more recent lets play videos and it seemed quite basic - my perception from the videos was of much greater tactical interaction. Overall the combat seemed quite basic as well - at least in one just a mess of Humvees doing things in the game they would never do in real life. disappointed enough in what I saw not to buy. which is unusual for me.

Yes. Iíve engaged in 5 or 6 battles and they all shape up the same way. Your convoy of troops moves down a road toward insurgents waiting around a few pickups and technicals on the edge of a village. Once your troops get close enough, their bisons and armadillos spread out, infantry emerges and bullets and rockets start flying. It looks cool initially, but there really is no discernible strategy and there is no obvious information on overall strength of the units doing battle. All engagements have been a decisive victory for me and Iím not certain why. Moreover, when selecting units to go on a certain mission, I have no idea which units to bring or how many since there doesnít seem to be any indication on the strength of the enemyís i will face.

Again, a bunch of good ideas in here, and I hope they support it and improve it.

Yep - one to wait on then I think - or maybe when in a fire sale but doesnt sound like it would hold my interest long. Disappointing though as I had visions when I wishlisted it on steam there would be all kinds of base management / tactical decisions to be made.

There may truth, the jury is still out. More features are unlocked as you proceed through your first campaign.

By the way, have you tried Invasion Machine. That one at least is very actively supported by its developer and deals with the same kind of "low-intensity" counter-insurgency warfare.

Yep had it when it released a while back. Seemed underdeveloped then - but maybe time to have another look. sounds like it may have gotten some love since I last looked.
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Re: War Room on Steam
« Reply #16 on: November 19, 2020, 11:22:31 AM »
Took a break from room cleaning to fiddle around with the first minutes of the game. My impression so far is also mixed:

1.) Aesthetics are pretty good. (So far, fifteen minutes in.)

2.) Music is low-key middle-eastern, acceptable. (And optional.)

3.) There is no sandbox yet, only the campaign. This is not obvious. Clicking "new" kicks off the campaign.

4.) The campaign starts with an (unavoidable?) tutorial. There is no manual in-game. Nor on the Steam page. Unsure if it's hidden in the install folder.

5.) The tutorial instructions often require you to click "next". This led to some minutes lost in confusion as I looked around for the "next" button. They mean close the current instruction box, with a button "close" about half the time (so far). This is dippy levels of polish.

6.) The initial 'mission' introduces the drone view. There are zero instructions about using the right mouse key to adjust the drone view, and the left key does nothing yet. The troops apparently don't arrive and engage until the right-click adjusts the drone view once...? (Then the mission instructed me to use the right mouse key to adjust the drone view.) My troops apparently spawned in and started shooting? No way to identify or label enemies?

7.) I dropped strikes on the trucks blocking entrance to the town area, leading to the victory. (These are "enemies" because there were shooting at the forces that spawned in that started shooting at them. No i.d. of the new forces as my troops, that I recall.) The final announcement said I had committed civilian casualties. No idea how. How does it know this if I have no idea how it happened? Probably scripted for effect, to be heard before the epilogue pre-title-credit logo "And that's how we do it in Afghanistan"? Question mark?

Quit to go back to cleaning my room, came here to post impressions (and read them) to procrastinate about cleaning my room. ;)
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Re: War Room on Steam
« Reply #17 on: June 02, 2021, 07:32:11 AM »
This finally got a badly needed update today, which includes a system for direct unit control, FOB upgrades, new map locations, new mission types, new effects, new sounds, new art and videos and a lot of bug fixes. I have not tried it out yet, but this game needs a lot of work, which the developers openly admit. The delay in releasing this update hurt the game's prospects badly. Many in the community have abandoned it and probably won't come back. The game has a lot of potential. I hope the developers do not throw in the towel. Ultimately though, they need to pick up the development pace.
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