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Re: Campaign Series Vietnam
« Reply #15 on: May 22, 2021, 03:04:57 AM »
I donít play the Middle East version much but this should be a good game

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Re: Campaign Series Vietnam
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The original version of the Campaign Series did include historical and dynamic campaigns, but I'm fuzzy about whether the new series has done so in its first game (set during the modern Israeli-Arab wars).

I think Groghead member Crossroads is a dev working on the series, so he should be around soon to provide details.  :notworthy:

That's correct, Jason, there are two different types of campaigns as you recall.

First, the Linked Campaigns, which are manually created by the scenario designer. These consist of a select number of scenarios, and a certain pathway around them depending on your success, or failure, per each scenario completed in the campaign. Casualties carry over as well, so can't go all gung-ho there. Once we have the Lua based CS Event Engine available here as well, these should be a complete hoot.

Then, the Dynamic Campaigns that are auto generated by the dynamic campaign generator. Here, the designer does not create any scenarios as such, but sets the paratemets as how it flows. Each one scenario is then generated within the campaign per the Dynamic Battle Generator engine you might recall from the John Tiller Campaign Series. I wrote a Developer Diary of how to create Dynamic Campaigns a few years back (A "few years?" In 2014! Yikes!).  These are way cool as well.

Once the Dynamic Campaigns are migrated to latest standards, the individual Dynamic Battle Generator for individual battles should be available as well. I wrote a Dev Diary on those way back then as well.   

Alas, both need a fair bit of TLC yet before available. Thank you for your patience!
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