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Mass Effect 3 - Demo Released

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I played part of it. It looks great on Xbox 360. Definitely much improved graphically over the earlier entries. The demo is heavy on scripted scenes sprinkled with actual gameplay and one of my beefs with the Mass Effect series is that it gives you a lot of big moments where you don't actually get to play, you just watch it happen. That said, the demo game play is pretty much what you had in the previous two (for single player at least, I didn't try multiplayer).

One new thing is that at setup, you can choose the 'style' of game which gives you three options: a combat heavy game that automates the dialogue repsones, the traditional rpg mode  (traditional by Mass Effect standards) with dialogue trees and combat, and a third mode that keeps the story elements and dials back the combat. Considering that the Mass Effect games are already lite RPGs and I've always considered the combat weak (I'm being polite), I'm pretty I won't be playing it in shooter mode.

My sense is that the story will be what makes or breaks this game. The game play is pretty much more of the same, so if the story is compelling and does a good job wrapping up the series, then it will be a winner.

One final thing, it's my understanding that Bioware finally stripped out the resource gathering elements from the game (driving around in the RV looking for minerals in ME1 and scanning planets in ME2). If that's true, then I am very, very happy. I found it ludicrous that I was supposed to be some elite super-soldier driving around in the hottest starship in the galaxy and I had to stop off at every crappy little rock and become a miner. Why the frig wouldn't Starfleet or whoever just by the damned platinum for me?

Mass Effect is out now so anyone pick this up yet?  What's the verdict gentlemen?

Arctic Blast:

--- Quote from: W8taminute on March 06, 2012, 06:00:14 PM ---Mass Effect is out now so anyone pick this up yet?  What's the verdict gentlemen?

--- End quote ---

I need to replay ME2 first, so for once I'm showing a shred of self control and ignoring it for the time being.

Got it on PC...just getting into it, but so far I'm a tad bit concerned.  Its not grabbing me as forcefully as the first two.  Still very early to tell though.

I have it for Xbox, but only just started it this morning. Didn't get much further than entering all the gdamn access codes that came with it.  >:(

I did play a few minutes of the opening. The voice commands through Kinect seem to work well enough. Will be playing more tonight.


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