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My Xbox Live Gamertag is ThunderRadish and, although I have been playing more PC games (see my post on Eve Online) lately, and usually play Skyrim when I fire up the XBox, it is still possible to talk me into a game of Magic 2012 or Halo: Reach.

Mine is: Gordo Barthheart.

My buddies and I try to have a match of Halo:Reach at least once a month. Closed group... no snot nosed teeners! >:(

My gamer tag is jccaran

* Halo 3; Reach; ODST; Classic
* Assassin's Creed multi-player (any)
* Portal 2
* Borderlands
* Left 4 Dead (1&2)
* COD: Black Ops, MW2 (don't have 3)
* Mass Effect 3 (when it comes out)

I'm hooking my Xbox up to the wireless for the 1st time tonight.  I hope to keep Centurion40, if not- it will be a variation of that.

Peugeot505. I don't do much multiplayer, but I may checkout Mass Effect 3's multi.


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