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Vassal opponent?

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I can do 12-1 EST (not sure Mike's out of bed by then!) but not 'til next week :)

Next week is fine, just let me know when you like to try it out.

I'll post some info here on how to get setup and connect in the next couple of days.

Anyone else reading this is welcome to join in and watch/ask questions.


Actually, because defense journalism is centered on the East Coast, us Left Coasters have to get up early.

I'm open to trying it in the A.M. PST.  Not my best time, but I'll do it just to learn Vassal from Master Barthheart.


Instead of chatting over the forum, we're going to need an email list.


Funny to see mention of Pattons Best as I have been prepping for a game of it this weekend. It has been close to 25 years since the last time that I played it. I've had the game components sitting in a box full of baking soda for a year now to help take the musty smell down a few notches.

While I prefer to play the hard copies of my solitare games, it's great to have the option to play them on vassal on a quiet graveyard shift or on the road.

As for learning Vassal, 99% of the interface/mechanics that are used while playing are specific to each game module. This means there is a learning process for each new game. It is an awesome system and well worth the effort.

Perhaps I'll have to get in on the action...


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