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Mass Effect 3 multiplayer (XBOX 360)

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Hey, if anyone wants to get in some multiplayer tonight or Sunday night, look me up - my gamer tag is jccaran. I prefer to play with people I know (even if only a little bit) than random strangers. I tried it last night and it was really fun - kind of like Firefight mode in Halo or Horde mode in Gears of War.


I don't have Mass Effect 3 yet, but do you play Gears 3?  I wouldn't mind hooking up for a horde mode round or three.

You know, I think I do, but I never played it.  ;D It is buried in my stack of games and I never got around to it. I'd be willing to play at some point, but probably not until I get back from my vacation (be back in April).

BTW, I lost all of my unlocks today on ME3 multiplayer. Apparently this is an issue, which sucks as I spent $5 on some points to get some better items. They should have a statement about it soon, but I'm definitely hoping for a refund or my items returned.

I played a little last night, but didn't have any pre-order unlocks, so I didn't notice any problems.


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