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Our readers have spoken (and voted!) and the results are in!

Congrats to all of our Readers Choice Award winners

Unconditional Surrender (Tabletop Strategy / Historical Game)
Dead of Winter (Tabletop Sci-Fi / Fantasy Game of the Year)
EH – Mountains of Madness (Tabletop Expansion of the Year)
Thunder Alley (Tabletop Euro / Casual Game of the Year)
Imperial Settlers (Tabletop 4X Game of the Year)
The Hunters (2d printing) (Tabletop Reprint / Reissue of the Year)
Unconditional Surrender (Tabletop Game of the Year)
East Prussia '14 (Digital Strategy / Historical Game of the Year)
Distant Worlds: Universe (Digital Sci-Fi / Fantasy Game of the Year)
EUIV – Art of War (Digital Expansion / DLC of the Year)
Dragon Age: Inquisition (Digital RPG / Action Game of the Year)
East Prussia '14 (Digital Game of the Year)
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It's a good list, although I certainly voted elsewhere in some categories...none of the winners are undeserving to be sure.

Happiest bit for me is EP '14 winning in both categories...even though it beat out my beloved CM:RT.  Really a special game for the hardcore...


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