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Heroes on the battlefield - your thoughts?

I'm in agreement with Eric's response - it's both. The leadership that heroes lent to the battlefield is mirrored within a game through fantastic gameplay or abilities. Though I think this has happened to many of us, pulling out wins by the skin of our teeth, with 'regular' units too.

To me, hero games are all together different things than "straight" consims.

I stipulate to the desire to recreate circumstances like those involving this lunatic:  John Keegan's account in "Six Armies in Normandy" gives the lie to anyone who would have denied him the CMH.

But that, to me, is what RPGs and games like the nigh-legendary "Ambush" are for.  It almost comes down to statistical norms, i.e., while heroes happen, one can't reasonable expect them to occur with sufficient regularity to merit modeling them.




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