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Arctic Blast:
Heroes of Normandie works quite well as a MP game. You need the army boxes to get the materials to play more than 2 player, but it gives you lots of options for team-based skirmish games. The scenarios that have been released thus far are purely 2 player, so you need to built armies up to point levels and play that way (a la minis games). Then you can have 2 German players vs. either 2 American or 1 each American and Commonwealth.

The game tends to play pretty quickly and smoothly, and MP is no exception.


--- Quote from: bob48 on April 08, 2015, 02:22:06 PM ---I like playing MP with MD. me chance to catch up on my sleep......

--- End quote ---

Everybody (THINKS they) is a comedian.

@Jack Nastyface:  I played many games of Conquest of the Empire with my cousins.  As they taught me, I never bothered to read the rules.  It always ended up being a race for catapults.

Its just my defence mechanism, MD. The fact that you tend to crush your opponents, because you take time and consider your moves gives you the last laugh.

And we do have some good chats.

That we do my friend.  That we do.  We are about due for another one soon, aren't we?


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