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Starting a stickied topic about the GameTalk issue of the week...

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OK, in this case, I get to add one MORE important thing:

Edit your damn rules.  Read them, re-read them, re-re-read them, give them to somebody else who's facile with the language to read them, put them to the side, read them again, &c.

It really, really matters and bad editing and proofreading can ruin the experience of an otherwise potentially excellent rule system.

hmmmmmm... I can only guess which rules you've been reading lately!  :D

Jack Nastyface:
+1 to Cyrano's comment.  Poorly written rules can almost kill one's desire to play a game.  I would also recommend "include multiple examples of play" in your rules.

For computer games, I would say game devs MUST include some kind of quick mission builder.  Although tutorial missions and scenario development tools are great, I still get lots of mileage from games that include this quick missions.

+1 Yes, I do find 'examples of play' to be extremely helpful.


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