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Another Dominions Game?

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Anyone going to set up a new one some time?  We had a pretty thriving community there for a while  :coolsmiley:

Not quite yet -- and I don't have Dom4 yet anyway. But hopefully other people will join up!

Huw the Poo:
I could be persuaded, although I've long given up on the hope of ever being competent.  Dom4?

Hrmm..  I would be up for a Dom4 game too.

Was wary for awhile after Dom4's release - because patches.  Didn't want to get into an MP game to have an update screw it up.  But it may be a safe bet, now, if the latest update doesn't require any hotfixes soon.

I'm also a novice at Dominions, in the sense that I haven't discovered any hot faction-specific strategies that melt armies of faces; just play by the seat of my pants.

Total dom4 noob here (some exp with 3 though) I'm in for some embarrassment


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