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I do all my graphic work in Photoshop.  I have tried Illustrator but can't figure it out...or more precisely I don't have time to figure it out when I have projects that need finishing.

For great patterns/textures, brushes and actions go no further than Deviantart:

hi all! nice thread! thanks a lot!!  :)

for photoshop-users i still can highly recommend 'Blur's Good Brush' by the chinese cg-artist yang xueguo.
his brushes are worth a try and free to use - at least the 4.0 version was free...
later versions are hard to find since his blog vanished some years ago...
(there's v5.1 - in chinese but you're missing nothing if you start playing with 4.0 - it's like an eye-opener for photoshop brush-creation!)

anyhow, have a look! here's an old article from him on cgtalk - back in the day...
(the download link is on the bottom of the second page):

cheers and enjoy!  O0

PSD map texture settings

Settings for Forest hexes:

56 Spatter brush, 150 pixels, color: R94, G149, B65, single clicks only!, do NOT click-and-drag.

(1) Outer glow: R39, G138, B29, set to linear burn, 30% opacity, 5% noise, precise technique and 5px size

(2) Emboss: Smooth technique, 400% depth (up), 18px size and no soften

Settings for Rough hexes:

60 Chalk brush, 140 pixel, with a 60% flow on the airbrush setting. R135, G122, B78, single clicks only!, do NOT click-and-drag.

(1) Outer glow, R140, G123, B87, normal blend, 70% opacity, 20% noise, softer technique, 1% spread, and 10px size

(2) Inner glow, R97, G91, B43, dissolve blend, 70% opacity, 10% noise, precise technique from edge, 10% choke, 10px spread

(3) Emboss, Smooth technique, 100% depth(up), 7px size, no soften

Could your techinque in PSD be replicated in Illustrator?

I've made my own "forest" brushes in Illustrator but wasn't to satisfied with the outcome. 

I don't know if those can be replicated in Illustrator since they're dependent on the way that PSD creates certain pixels.

But I'll confess that I don't know Illustrator enough to say for certain


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