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A word of advice, just because a site says its textures are free, their definitions of free are sometimes blurry.
Read the terms of use.
Many times they are free for personal use only, so anything for commercial use is prohibited.
And if the terms of use is pages long and has been written by a team of lawyers, avoid the site like the plague.

Good advice. Thx.  O0

Are the OST textures free to use for KS backers? (J/K :)))

see attached

Adobe certainly has the tools that make designing your own boardgames a possibility.  I'm very competent with Photoshop but have stumbled learning Illustrator, which I really would like to use with Photoshop.  For those who may ask what the difference is, Photoshop is mostly raster based imaging meaning that if you scale an image, you'll get pixelation that can be quite obvious depending on how much scaling you do. Illustrator is vector based imaging meaning that you can resize the artwork as much or as little and as frequently as you like and it will look crisp and clean no matter.  A good example of this is with some pdf's that you get.  You may notice that if you zoom in or out, the image "redraws" on the screen and it's just as sharp as it did at 100% zoom factor.

Another tool that Adobe has that is quite useful for game design is InDesign.  This is a desktop publishing app that beats the snot out of trying to do it in something like MS Word.  I've self-taught myself how to use it recently by watching some online videos like those linked above.  This weekends project was putting together charts and references for a tabletop game that I've been tinkering with (see attached).  Pretty cool stuff- this is definitely a tool to have in your bag if you're thinking of coming up with some of your own designs!

I have done almost all of my publishing in InDesign

But then again I have almost a 25 year history of working with desktop publishing at this point, & I have worked with almost every app there is. So picking up InDesign was not that tough for me


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