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My opponent Jam22 and I played The Gap scenario.  For those of you with the game, this is the #2 tutorial scenario and is strictly infantry maneuvers with only rifles and machine gun weapons teams.  No smoke.  No armor.  No artillery.   Jam22 played the Germans and I was the Russians.  We played with persistent action points (AP) and non-variable APs.  There are options for classic APs and variable Aps.  The major difference is that persistent APs allows the player to bounce around his counters to perform actions, while classic AP once you click off a counter remaining APs are lost.  Variable APs options are 2d6 and 3d6 number of APs each turn and the non-variable AP you start with 7 every turn.

Victory Conditions:
Points are awarded for each enemy unit you destroy.
(Scenario Determined) Points are awarded for the side that holds the Victory Hex (VH) each turn starting in turn 3.
The side with the most points at the end of turn 5 wins.

Here is a screenshot of the client setup screen for a multiplayer game.  The server system is pretty straight forward and easy to use.  One player picks a scenario and hosts the game; Second player selects join the game.  The sides are determined either using a chat discussion or he who picks first gets the side they want.   

First thing in any game is the initial setup.  This includes setup of counters and in a game with artillery placing your first pre-planned call for fire.  In The Gap, this is a view of the setup area for the Russians.

1 – Medium Machine Gun Team (MMG)
4 – Rifle Squads
Reinforcements (Turn 3):
1 – MMG
2 – Rifle SQD

6 – Light Machine Gun Teams
5 – Rifle Squads

You can see in the upper right hand corner the units that are remaining to be placed.  I’ve selected and placed my Maxim MMG at the victory hex (VH) already.  I have 4 rifle squads remaining.  2 have the hidden bonus applied pre-setup.  This is a nice bonus because it costs precious APs to hide once the game begins.

The MMG at the victory hex is the critical piece for the initial defense.  It’s a powerful unit that will control the center of the map and prevents a direct assault up the middle of the map.  It will also become a major obsession of German planning for the duration of the game until it is destroyed.

I’ve opted to place my two hidden rifle squads on opposite sides of the board with the primary objectives of being recon elements and to create an ambush of potential German flanking maneuvers to disrupt their advance.  The little tree icon is the marker for a hidden unit.  The unit will remain hidden until I fire on an enemy unit or an enemy unit stumbles onto my position.

The remaining rifle squads I placed in wooden buildings near the VH.  In hindsight, I would have placed the unit to the far left in the tree hex behind the building rather than in the building.  Two reasons I’d consider a different placement of the units; 1. The rifle unit is seen and is one of the few opportunity targets that the Germans would have for the first couple of rounds and 2. I could have used its APs to hide the unit in the first turn which would have allowed me to move it without my opponent knowing its exact position to better defend against a flank attack.  I didn’t and it would cause some issues later in the game.

TURN 1:  The Fire Fight Begins…

The first turn my primary goal was to re-enforce my fighting positions.  So I elect to use my APs to create hasty cover for my 4 Rifle SQDs and my MMG positions.  It takes all 7 APs to create hasty cover or hide a unit.

You can start to see the German maneuvers take shape.  In the first image you can see 2 German units (LMG, Rifle SQD), they are beginning a probe into the woods in preparation for a future flanking attack onto the VH.  The second image shows the Germans are positioning 2 LMG to create a field of fire to cover their upcoming assault.

Upper Right: Command Actions Points (CAP) available.  You can convert CAP into additional AP for individual units/groups, increase to hit % or activate certain cards. 
The yellow hexes on the map are the Line of Sight (LOS) overlay of the selected unit.

The next three images capture the development of the ambush on the right side of the board.  The first phase I made the decision to rotate my rifle SQD and change its facing to give my unit LOS of the advancing Germans.  The issue here is that by doing so I lose the hasty cover I’d just spent all my units AP to build, which means I need to use my precious few CAP to give my unit the APs to change direction and have a fire opportunity.  This is an extremely wasteful expenditure given the results that would occur over the next few phases.

The first image you can see the to hit % of my ambush unit has on the advancing German Rifle SQD and LMG.  16% is not good for me.  I could attack but I decide that the odds to potential hit 2 targets does not outweigh losing my units hidden status.  I decided to let the Germans come closer before springing the attack.   The next German Phase, second image, he moves his rifle PLT into the tree hex right next to my ambush.  41% to hit.  This is a really nerve racking moment, but I feel my hand is slightly forced.  By this point the turn is nearly over.  I have unspent APs that I sacrificed my CAP to get and there is an upcoming initiative roll for turn 2.  My plan hinges on 2 factors.  Firstly I actually hit the German SQD and secondly I win the initiative.   As you can read in the chat box on the second image, my unit missed its opportunity to score the first hit and disrupt the German unit.  I needed an 8 and rolled a 4.  The die were cast and now my SQD is now exposed.   Nothing left to do but hope my opponent doesn’t have the AP or CAP to attack and wait for the initiative roll.

He had the AP and attacked my SQD with a LMG disrupting it going into the next turn.  I did catch a lucky break in that he was unable to finish off my unit with his remaining LMG attacks.

NOTE: Unless you roll a 12, it takes 2 hits to destroy an enemy unit.  First hit disrupts.  Second hit destroys.

TURN 2: Germans Hit and Hit Hard

The Germans win the initiative.  I cannot express just how often this determines the outcome of a turn during the course of a game.  Here it allowed the Germans to attack first.  The result is I never had the opportunity to rally my disrupted rifle SQD.  He attacked and spent 2 CAP for the extra hit %.  My SQD was destroyed.  My ambush yielded nothing and now my right flank is open to German maneuvers.    This was the first casualty of the game.

In order to attempt to set up a defensive position on my right flank, I opt to move the rifle PLT out of the house next to the VH and move it to the woods across the road to right side. This was to be followed by maneuvering my rifle PLT out of its covered wooden building and move/attack with the 2 units as a group.  Bad decision and movement plan.

I was able over the next couple of phases to move the first rifle PLT (blue arrow shows movement) into position in the woods.  However, the Germans took the opportunity to fire on my second rifle PLT and disrupt it.   In subsequent phases, I rally the disrupted rifle unit and move it to the hex behind the house.  I thought it was out of LOS.  I thought wrong.  It was hit again by an LMG and disrupted.  Now I was out of APs and faced another decision to make in regard to expending my CAP.  Do I rally or do I save it for a later action and hope the Germans cannot score the second it on my disrupted PLT.

NOTE:   Action Cards.  Here you see two examples.  The first card if a hit is scored causes the Germans to lose a turn (read phase) and the second gives you the opportunity to make a free action.

I decide to attack an advancing LMG in the right flank.  I had a 72% to hit and couldn’t pass up a safe shot to start thinning out the advancing German numbers.  The attack on the German LMG played out well for the Russians.  Over the next two phases I’d get my first kill.

Following my brief moment of glory the German left flank attack would begin to develop.  I thought perhaps an ambush would delay their right flank advance by focusing the German attention on the left flank and give me some time to think of a new plan.
I decided it was time to spring my ambush.  The Germans had moved a rifle PLT out into the open right in front of my hidden unit.  My goal to prep the situation was to play my Dual Attack Action Card to surprise him with a disrupting hit and a lost phase and then destroy his rifle PLT on my next phase. 

The plan works.   However, the Germans were not deterred by my ambush antics.  They continued to push the attack on the right flank.

The Germans moved a rifle PLT into the woods across from my rifle PLT near the VH.   Over the next few phases, my opponent and I would take turns attacking for a disruption and rallying our rifle PLTs.  I had to play my precious free action card to rally my MMG which means that I needed to maximize the use of my remaining CAP to attack.  I could not afford to lose them in turn 2.  They had to hold out and delay the German push until my reinforcements arrived next turn.  Fortunately for me I was able to destroy the rifle PLT on one of the last phases of turn 2.

The victory score box.  It will drive the strategy for me starting next turn.  I have to hold the VH, but the Germans are pushing hard and even though I just scored a victory destroying one of his advancing rifle PLTs on the right flank.  He has around 4 or 5 unaccounted for units on the board.  I’m convinced they are coming from the right and I have a very limited fire wall against a sustained push.

The Germans would score another hit on my MMG and I had no means to recover it prior to turn 3.

Turn 3:  Russian Reinforcements Arrive

The Russians received much needed reinforcements in the form of 2 rifle PLTs and 1 MMG.  You can see there entrance location in the preceding image.  It is the blue hex at the bottom of the screenshot.    The plan is move the units up and cover the right flank with the two rifle units and push the MMG to provide additional coverage on the left flank.  The reason being if the Germans get into position to assault and enter the same hex as one of my units; the rifle PLT has better survivability.

The primary action during this turn on both sides consisted of both sides moving units into position for turn 4. 


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