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A Counter Ambush - Combat Mission Afghanistan AAR

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This scenario is strictly an infantry movement to contact operation.  C Company is ordered to disrupt Mujahedin ambush operations with the intent to engage and destroy in the vicinity of the village of Targab.  C Company will air assault into the Assembly Area (AA).

The primary terrain in the scenario is 3 hills, which the Soviet intelligence planners have creatively indentified as Hill A, Hill B and Hill C.  In between Hill A and Hill C is a large open valley floor.  The hills and the valley are covered in light scrub brush and tree groves.

Looking toward Hill C from the top of Hill A.  This is an extremely dangerous approach with cover and concealment limited to the tree groves and brush cover.  Any enemy positions on Hill C will have excellent over watch of the valley floor and clear line of sight (LOS) of maneuvering units.

Looking at Hill B from its base.  The hill will provide a difficult challenge to Soviet troops advancing up the hill to engage and clear ambush positions.  Cover and concealment is availible from tree cover, but mitigated by over watch of possible enemy positions on Hill B.

Looking across the valley floor with Hill A to the right, Hill C to the left and Hill B straight ahead.  The valley is going to prove a kill zone if there are ambush positions on the three hills that have not been disrupted or destroyed.

Enemy Forces:
Mujahedin machine gun teams, snipers, RPGs and small infantry units.  In short, a hodgepodge of arms that are constituted into teams of 2-4 men.

Here are some of the specific units that the Mujahedin are believed to be using for ambush operations.


Heavy Machine Gun (HMG)

Rocket Propelled Grenade (RPG)

Enemy Courses of Action:
We suspect that the Mujahedin have established ambush positions on all three hills.  The most likely course of action (COA) is draw our troops and convoys  on the road into a three directional complex attack of RPG and HMG fire.

 There is a high probability that they have emplaced anti-tank and anti-personnel mines along the road and around ambush positions to disrupt our freedom of movement.

Friendly  Forces:
C Company, 1st Battalion

HQ Platoon (PLT)

3 Rifle (RFL)  PLTs (1st, 2nd, 3rd PLTs respectively)  which are comprised of a HQ and 2 rifle (RFL) squads (SQD).  It's important to note that Soviet rifle squads are consist of only 5 men.  This is not a major issue in this scenario as it's a movement to contact and not a urban environment where you would like to be able to split the teams into assault teams for building clearing.  I will most likely detach a scout team from a squad or two.  This will reduce the squad to 2 teams;  the 2 man scout team and a 3 man rifle team.

1 Heavy Machine Gun (HMG) PLT (4th PLT) which has a HQ, 2 HMG Sections broken down into 3 fire teams with 2 men each.   The PKM is the machine gun used by Soviet HMG fire teams.

There are no artillery or airstrikes available for this operation.  The Soviet high command has allocated all indirect fire and air support to other operations.  This is not our lucky day Comrades if we run into heavy resistance.


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