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It's FINALLY Here - GrogCast Season 4!

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I was there by 8:30 each morning.  Just 'cuz I didn't come until Friday, doesn't make me late :P

Great start to the season... by the way, do you guys keep track of the g!es mentioned during the episode? That Hearts of Iron or Civ gets mentioned is probably not hard for people to remember, but some of the board games mentioned might be somewhat obscure... I'm not opposed to re-listening to the GrogCast when I get out of my car to write stuff down...but, I'm lazy...

Not a bad suggestion, but directly answer the question, no we don't keep track...

Caught up with the first two Season 4 episodes on the drive to NJ today. Despite the oddly changing audio volume, good episodes!  O0

next episode just posted! :)


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