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--- Quote from: Toonces on February 08, 2012, 11:56:18 AM ---I certainly can't understand that from a marketing perspective, but I guess it's a good idea to somebody smarter than me.

--- End quote ---

You are not alone in questioning the intelligence of that marketing strategy.

I believe it is because they are trying to fix the price of their minis. They have retail stores all over the globe that sell these at full retail. Online stores discount them heavily - so creating complex vendor agreements that make it difficult, but not impossible, to sell discourage too much competition.

Jack Nastyface:
Some pages of Gladiator found here:

You may also want to check out Red Sand, Blue Sky by Two Hour Games..

Thanks, Jack.  I found a good geeklist last night on boardgamegeek that had a whole slew of Gladiator games, many of which are free.  That one you mentioned was one of them. 

I think I'll try out one of the free rulesets first, just to see if it grabs me before I invest in the whole Warhammer thing.

Jack Nastyface:
You may also want to check out the free, redone version of the classic man-to-man fighting game, Melee, originally published by Metagames.

Although the rules are NOT gladiator specific (ie: no retiarius or murmillo) you could probably adapt.

I think Melee Advanced had a longer list of weapons that would better reflect gladiatoral weapons (cestus, etc).

If you use maps, check out Hotzartworks for some nice gladitorial ring hex maps.


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