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[ended, Barth won!]Civ 6 + all expansions PBEM game recruiting

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Thanks for the game all! And thanks for sticking with it for so long.  O0

Fun stuff.

I was really worried when I found out that Millipede had access to uranium long before me! Really expected a nuke to come flying out of the FOW.  :o

We're playing a bunch of games using the built in PBEM system. Come and join in for more Civ VI fun.

I may have had a Uranium mine and just started building a stock pile but I was a looooong way from having a nuke. I still needed to research Rocketry and Nuclear Fission, build the Manhattan Project which would allow me to start building nukes. What's that, 20-30 turns? My larger more immediate problem was that I only had 3 potential oil well sites and as soon as they were developed someone kept destroying them (damned rude, I must say) so I didn't have the resources to build tanks other than the one tank corps that I had. Anyway, enough whining and congrats on your win. Hopefully we'll run into each other again and I'll try and remember the lessons you so generously provided.  ;)

How do you surrender in the game?

Excellent question! If you figure it out, let me know and I'll surrender when/if it's my turn again.

You donít in-game. You can use Play Your Damn Turn website, log into our game and press Surrender.


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