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So I bought an ebike...

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I'm not really a bike enthusiast.  I decided to get my son an ebike for Xmas; we live about two miles from the beach and there are a bunch of good surf spots within about 5 miles of my house, but we live up a pretty steep hill.  Parking is a huge pain in the bum in the summer downtown, so a bike is super useful, but that last half mile on the way home is some serious suck.  So we decided an ebike would be a good present and I had the opportunity to do some research on ebikes. 

I have to say that after reading up on them and watching some videos, I became intrigued with the concept.  In just a few days, my son is zipping all over the area and I decided that an ebike would be pretty useful for me as well.  I have a hell commute to work, but there is a train station right down the road that will drop me off about 4 miles from my work.  I'd been hesitating to use it because I just don't like the idea of that bike ride on both ends, but I am hoping that the ebike will take some of the pain off and make this a feasible commute option.

I'm pretty stoked.  I ended up spending more money than I wanted, but if I use it to commute for 6 months it will have paid for itself in gas savings, not to mention wear and tear and such on the car.

Well, I guess that's it for now.   8)

What kind did you get?


I got this one.  It's called a RadMini by Rad Power Bikes.  It was pretty pricey at $1700, but I'm spending about $10/day on gas so it will pay for itself in less than a year.  I wanted a mountain bike kind, but after seeing my son's, I am way too short to ride one of those.  I watched some videos of these little ones and they seem to get the job done for what I need, which is to get to and from the train station, and to surf spots around town.  I don't plan to do any hardcore biking like JD and MikeGER do.

This one has the added benefit of being completely foldable.  The downside is it's about the ugliest bike I've ever seen.  I'm looking forward to giving it a go and seeing how it works.

That is so ugly, it's beautiful. I love it. Living in a very hilly area myself my calf muscles would burst out of my legs after about a week.

I like it. Let us know how it works out.


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