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What games do you recommend?

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I would recommend

Project Cars 2
Robo Recall

I'd be interested in peoples thoughts on other games out there. The Vader Immortal games look like they may hit a spot, but they seem very lite for £8 each episode. I also quite liked the look of Arizona Sunshine but the graphics looks a bit meh and Espire 1.

Iím going to focus on native VR games. That means titles like DCS, IL2, Elite Dangeeous and No Mans Sky will be omitted.

For tactical shooters...

Onward. This is the gold standard. Itís what the military and law enforcement would be using for training purposes if they actually used VR to train. The weapons handling and function, equipment loadouts and game systems are all fantastic. Has single player and mp elements. In mp, it is extremely competitive. This game is what convinced me to go out and buy my first VR headset.

For sword play...

Blade & Sorcery. This game is still in early access, but is being actively supported by developer. The use of bladed weapons and blunt objects is fantastic here. The way they interact with other objects, and the bodies of your enemies is really satisfying. It is gory and violent, but it feels authentic. Magic is also extremely satisfying. Hard to describe the joy of stabbing a barbarian face and then frying him with thousands of volts of lightening that leaps from your hand. Picture Mount and VR.

For Flight...

VTOL VR. This game is just awesome and as far as I know, the first game to make the cockpit of aircraft fully functional in the VR world. This sim requires no HOTAS to play. Instead, you use your VR controllers to grip the virtual stick and throttle and to flip, press and turn virtual switches, buttons and knobs. Itís pretty amazing and extremely immersive. Has carrier ops, and three different aircraft to fly. Constantly being improved by its developer. A real revolution in flight simming.

For Zero G Experience.

Lone Echo. Not only does this one have a pretty interesting story, but it looks great and makes you feel like a real astronaut. The senssation of weightlessness is achieved as the player floats through the game world experimenting with gravity and objects. Might make some feel uncomfortable at times, but totally worth trying out. Manipulating the environment in zero g, space walking and looking at the earth is awe inspiring.

For hack and slash...

Sairento VR, Raw Data and Robo Recall.

Each of these games should be in every VR owners library. Want to feel like a cyber ninja bending time in the matrix? You canít get closer than Sairento and Raw Data. Both games mix sword and gun play in very satisfying combat in a cyber punk world. Very cool style and game play.

Robo Recall was one of the flagship titles when Oculus released its first headset. A very fun game mixing gun play and hand to hand combat in a future world where robots are rebelling against their masters. You are a robot that has not been taken over by the rebelling AI and must defend yourself against waves of enemies. Very challenging p, fast paced and fun. Youíll get a good workout.

For sandbox experimenting in VR...

Boneworks, Hot Dogs, Horseshoes and Handgrenades, and Bullets and More...

HH&H and BAM have virtual shooting ranges and tons of weapons, attachments and explosives to experiment with. You can just mess around and target shoot, or play various kinds of games. The gun play and function is authentic and very enjoyable. Great for showcasing what VR is all about.

Boneworks just came out, but Iím already very impressed. It is a VR game taking place in a VR world that was designed as a work and social space for people who want to avoid the stress, monotony and guilt of physical existence. It is very much based in authentic physics and hasnít tons of objects and weapons to use and experiment with. You also get to use your body in unique ways in order Tom move around in the virtual world. Very cool so far.

Iím going to add to this list later as there are still a few titles I want to touch on, but Iím out of time.

Great stuff guys.  :bd:

All great suggestions and I have a few to add:

Dead and Buried - Especially fun with a party. It basically a western funfair shooter with a quirky horror theme.

Beat Saber and Pistol Whip - Hack or Shoot stuff on the beat to get a high score. Perhaps sounds stale on paper, but trust me; its super fun, a good workout and makes you feel like a true badass if you pull it off.

Gorn - The ultimate stress reliever. Basically you will faceoff against ever more difficult waves of gladiators, beasts and monstrosities.

Superhot VR - Puzzle shooter. As long as you donít more the scene around you doesnít either. But when you do, virtual guys start coming from you from all sides.
Think about the best course of action to survive and kill the others in the scene. You can make use of cover, throw grab and fire weapons.

Star Trek Bridge Crew - whatís there to say? Its cool!

Wading through all the crap gets a bit tedious and discouraging but there are some good games out there. I particularly enjoyed Lone Echo and the excellent story that kept me in that "one more turn" mode, although there are no turns, but I'm a space nerd and a sucker for anything that takes me there so your mileage may vary. Another thing is that I believe it's a Rift exclusive but I don't have the capability to try it on any of the other VR setups... if anyone knows otherwise, feel free to speak up. Subnautica is also pretty damn cool but it doesn't support the Oculus Touch so you need an X-Box controller or something similar.


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